Recruiting foreign nurses as permanent staff

When you are looking for the best candidates within a short period of time, you need best sources. With our extensive local and international network and sourcing approach, we are confident that we are able to find the best candidates for the role you are looking to fill.

With our extensive local presence we are able to find the best nurses to come and work for you. We offer meeting your staff nurse requirements in your business, once you let us know what are your requirements, we will find the right talent for you, we will do clerical works including reference checks, pre-contract process, candidate police clearance from candidates home country, visa processing, onboarding process, OSCE training, NMC registration thus providing you sufficient staffing level to meet the staff requirements of your business.

Bringing a nurse from abroad to work for you requires a lot of information available at your dispense, guidance and effort however it is not as hard as it sounds with our help. As a recruiter we need from the employer issuance of COS (Certificate of Sponsorship). Once we have this we can do the rest for you. If you do not have a COS licence then our legal team can help you get this for you.

It will take about one to two months for the candidate to arrive in the UK once you let us know you need staff. Once the staff joins your organisation they will prepare for the osce training in their spare time out of the contracted hours you made with them. Until they pass the osce exam/ get the registration from the NMC they will work for you as supervised practice nurses and will be doing care work as well.